A Guide to Maintaining Drywall

Most building have some sort of drywall used during their construction. The reason for this is because of how inexpensive drywall is as well as the fact that it is resistant to fire and does not take long to manufacture. There are not many cons to using drywall, which is why it is so prevalent in residential homes and commercial buildings.

You’ll want to keep your drywall looking good, though, for as long as possible. To accomplish this, you’ll need to perform simple maintenance on walls on a regular basis. Let’s look at three things you can do to ensure that your walls are kept looking pristine.


Many people dust surfaces in the home, but have you ever considered dusting your walls? You can do so with a dry cloth or by using a simple feather duster. This is one of the most basic things you can do to maintain your drywall and keeps the walls from building up layers of dust or dirt.


Another way you can maintain your wall is to wash it, but you need to be careful when cleaning walls. Because drywall is susceptible to water damage, you will need to make sure you apply minimal water to its surface during cleaning and dry it off after cleaning.

Fill Holes

One part of drywall maintenance is the drywall repair tucson professionals and homeowners perform. Small holes will need to be filled, which can be done using a compound for patching drywall. If you have a large hole in the wall, you may need a different compound.

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You can keep your walls looking nice and healthy for as long as you live in your home by maintaining them properly. Dust walls to keep them clean, wash them carefully, and fill in small and large holes whenever they become noticeable.