Why Aftercare Is Just So Important

This is the challenge that many qualified dental practitioners may have to put up with. After the tooth has been extracted and the medical recommendation is given, the patient never bothers to come back. The patient’s records sit on the reception shelves left to collect dust. Gone and forgotten about. But come back he will. It could happen. Further tooth decay sets in and gum disease regresses.

Had such a patient listened to his dentist and responded accordingly by returning and sitting in for the prescribed tooth extraction aftercare fort collins procedures, none of this would have happened. Instead of just one tooth, more teeth are lost. What would have happened in the first place had the patient listened and obeyed would have been as follows. After the dentist has extracted the affected tooth, a painless procedure really, he would proceed to clean the affected area left bare.

It remains hygienically clean but only for a short while. It does not have to be long because almost immediately, once the patient grants permission, the dentist takes an impression for a partial denture to be made. And if this is a dentist who is rewarded with an exemplary patient, the patient in turn, could be rewarded with a dental implant. It is a far more advanced installation than the actual denture.

tooth extraction aftercare fort collins

Not only does it look real, that is to say that this was a front tooth (and how quickly a patient would jump for that) but it feels real too. What is happening is that the patient’s ability to chew food in the proper manner is restored. And this ability also reduces the prospect of any further damage occurring. This is why tooth extraction aftercare procedures are just so important.